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Bionic Technology

The manta ray has the advantages of a streamlined body, low noise, and good maneuverability. The manta ray is used as a bionic object to complete the structural design and motion mechanism of the robot.

External Anatomy of Fish

Each fin of a fish has a specific purpose. The tail fin [1] aids in steering and controls the speed of forward movement. The upper and lower lobes of the caudal fin are symmetrical. The anal fin [2] helps stabilize the fish and ensures that the fish does not wobble from side to side. A pair of pelvic fins [3] aid in balance and steering. They also act as brakes to slow the fish down. This fish uses its pectoral fins [4] alone to turn in either direction or to control up and down motion. The dorsal fin [5] is like the keel of a boat and helps keep the fish upright and stable.


Swim Bladder

The swim bladder allows fish to control their buoyancy, and because the dorsal position of the swim bladder, the center of mass is below the center of volume. This allows it to perform as a stabilizing agent.

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